mBot Ranger - Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit

mBot Ranger - Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit

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mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a three-in-one STEM educational robot kit which supports 3 building forms: robot tank, three-wheeled racing car, and a self-balance car. Program & Control mBot Ranger via iPad, tablets, or laptop to start your exploration!

Note: mBot Ranger are in presale stage (3/8/2016-4/14/2016), All orders will be shipped after April 15, 2016.



• Three forms for different scenarios: robot tank, self-balance car, and 3-wheeled car;

• Ready-to-use projects built-in Makeblock HD app for immediate fun and play;

• Graphical programming developed based on Scratch for kids to learn entry-level coding;

• Numerous online courses and guides for further study and development.



Off-Road Land Raider

Being an off-road robot tank, Land Raider is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles or robot car.

Dashing Raptor, the Predator

Transform your Land Raider easily, turning it into Dashing Raptor, which is a three-wheeled racing car that runs/spins fast like a raptor which eagers to catch its game.




Self-Balance Nervous Bird

A smart self-balance car which remains level when driving straight or standing still and leans at an angle when making turns.

Powerful Mainboard

Latest Me Auriga mainboard developed based on open-source Arduino Mega 2560. It provides not only 5 on-board sensors, but also 10 extension ports that enable you to add more functions per needed.





Graphical Programming from PC

mBot Ranger is fully compatible with mBlock which is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code. It makes programming projects and interactive applications easier through simply dragging and dropping function blocks.

iPad/Tablet Programming

In addition to PC programming, mBot Ranger also supports being programmed from your iPad and tablets with an easy-to-use app – MakeblockHD. Explore with mBot Ranger using the existing projects, or develop your own.





Wireless Control

MakeblockHD provides existing projects which enable you to interact with Ranger immediately. Push the button to control Ranger wirelessly and start having fun!

Free Online Courses

Provide 16 chapters of courses on graphical programming with Ranger, helping kids to enjoy the fun of programming in various game scenes step by step.





Easy Wiring

Modules in this kit all equipped with RJ25 ports for easy wiring. Just by connecting the modules together, robots can be built in a really quick way. All the wiring is simple and very clean.

Infinite Extensibility

Fully compatible with Makeblock platform (about 400 parts totally), allowing you to develop more projects or ideas adding Makeblock parts on Ranger or to explore hundreds of free projects online for more fun.



mBot Ranger VS. mBot

If you're trying to figure out the difference between mBot Ranger and mBot, check this comparison chart.


mBot Ranger


Category STEM Educational Robot STEM Educational Robot
Building Form(s) 3 1
Main Control Chip Arduino Mega 2560 Arduino Uno
Extension Ports 10 motor/sensor ports 4 sensor ports
On-Board Sensor 6 x sensors, include:
Light sensor
ultrasonic sensor
line follower
temp sensor
sound sensor
3 x sensors, include:
Light sensor
ultrasonic sensor
line follower
LED Lamplets 12 2
PC Programming mBlock mBlock
iPad/Tablet Programming MakeblockHD mBlockly
Smartphone App Under development mBot App
Communication Bluetooth Bluetooth/2.4G
Online Courses
Power Supply 6 x AA Battery 4 x AA Battery
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