PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable - 35cm,22AWG (Pair)

PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable - 35cm,22AWG (Pair)

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Makeblock PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable converts PH2.0-2P end to stripped-end.  It is used to be the cable for Makeblock 25mm motor, 37mm motor with backboard in DIY items. Such as DC Motor-25 6V/185RPMDC Motor-37 12V/50RPMDC Motor-37 12V/200RPM.





It can be connected with Makeblock Me Orion or Makeblock Me Dual Motor Driver V1 by adding the plug 3.96-2P on the stripped-end to control the motors.



  • Length: 35cm  
  • AWG: 22 
  • Limiting current: 2A    
  • Sold in pair


Part List:

2 x PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable

2 x Magnetic Flux

2 x Plug 3.96-2P

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