540587 - Robotics: BT Beginner

540587 - Robotics: BT Beginner

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An easy way to get started with programming! Robotics BT Beginner explains the basic principles of programming to students based on the ROBO Pro Light graphical programming software, which is used to control stationary and mobile fischertechnik models. Students can use sensors and actuators to build and then control easy-to-understand models like hand dryers, a carousel, barriers, a conveyor belt with die-cutting machine, or mobile tracked vehicles. The »BT Smart Controller«, with 4 inputs for sensors and 2 outputs for motors or lights, has a USB interface and a Bluetooth 4.0 interface. The software »ROBO Pro Light« (available for free download) allows even young students to quickly and simply get a handle on easy-to-understand programming. In addition, all models can also be controlled and programmed with a tablet (iOS/Android) using a free app. ROBOTICS BT Beginner can be used in supervised and unsupervised learning, and is an ideal and easy-to-understand way for young students to get their first taste of the world of programming.

Additional Teaching Material:

Innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you in teaching technical concepts in a practical way and introducing them to your secondary school and college students or your apprentices. The included didactic activity booklet with teacher and instructional materials offers display models and tasks to help you quickly prepare lessons, and includes problems with solutions, handouts, and copy templates.Teaching materials are available for free download from the eLearning portal: www.fischertechnik-elearning.com

Product Composition:

The total of 380 fischertechnik parts are clearly divided in one sorting insert. Everything is delivered in a sturdy storage box, along with easy to understand assembly instructions for 12 models of different difficulty levels.

Main subjects:
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Programming
  • Interaction between hardware and software
  • Use of actuators and sensors
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