Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM

Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM

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What Is Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM?

In contrast to the DC motor, a photoelectric encoder is added into the encoder motor for detecting speed which is fed back to the signal input terminal for PID control to implement servo control for the motor.

Features of the Encoder Motor

• Control the speed and the movement of the motor precisely;

• Real-time speed and position feedback;

• Can be connected with encoder motor driver easily by using the 6P encoder motor cable;

• Users can customize their own PID parameter by self-contained software;

• It provides overload protection.


How to Use This Pack?

Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM can be connected withMe Encoder Motor Driver by using the 6P motor cable in this pack. You can control the diver through programming on the computer or connect it with Makeblock Orion mainboard via RJ25 cable.


Specifications of the Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM

Rated Voltage                                9V(DC)                               
No Load Current (A) ≤0.2
No Load Speed (RPM) 86±10%
Rated Load Torque (kgf.cm) 0.9
Rated Current (A) ≤0.55
Rated Load Speed (RPM) 64±10%


Product Information

                                                 SKU                                                  80042
Product Name Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM
Total Weight 112 g
Package Content (Quantity x Part Name) 1 x Optical Encoder Motor-25 9V/86RPM
1 x Encoder Motor Wire
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