58mm Omni Wheel

58mm Omni Wheel

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What Is 58mm Omni Wheel?


A Omni-directional chassis can be composed by several 58mm Omni wheels with connecting a 180 optical coder geared motor. The chassis can rotate 360°, and it has a light and solid structure which can apply to different environment.



  • Body Material: Nylon


  • Wheel Material: TPR


  •  Coupling Material: 6061 aluminum alloy


  •  Diameter: 58 mm


  •  Load Capacity: 3KG







Size Charts



SKU 87085
Product Name 58mm Omni Wheel
Length φ58mm
Cross-section Area φ58X34 mm
Gross Weight 77.2g (2.72oz)
Package Content (Quantity x Part Name) 1 x 58mm Omni Wheel, 1 x 58mm Omni Wheel Shaft Coupling A, 1 x 59mm Omni Wheel Shaft Coupling B, 1 x Button Head Screw M2.5*30
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