DC Motor-25 9V/325RPM

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   What is DC Motor?

محرك DC هو المحرك الأكثر استخدامًا على منصة Makeblock. إنه مدفوع بالتيار المباشر وهو الخيار المثالي لتحريك الأشياء في جميع أنواع المشاريع.

   What is DC Motor?

DC motor is the most commonly used motor on Makeblock platform. It is driven by direct current and is the ideal option to get things moving in all kinds of projects.

How to Connect DC motor?

By adding DC Motor-25 Bracket, this DC motor can easily connect with other Makeblock structural parts. It can also be connected to the M1, M2 interface of Makeblock Me Orion mainboard directly or connected to Me Dual DC Motor Driver.

  Building Examples: Size Chart (mm):

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