keyestudio 4WD Bluetooth Multi-functional Car

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keyestudio 4WD Bluetooth Multi-functional Car





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keyestudio 4WD Bluetooth Multi-functional Car is a learning application development system based on microcontroller and with ATmega-328 as core. It has functions of line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR remote control , Bluetooth remote control and detecting distance. This kit contains plenty of interesting programs and can extend an external circuit module to increase more functions of this car. The kit aims to disengage users from boring theories and obtain capacity of system development when they are learning Arduino.


1.Motor: Voltage: 6-9V   Reduction Ratio: 1:48 

2.Choosing L298N driver module as control motor, separated from microcontrollor

3.Three line tracking modules, having higher precision when detecting white and black lines,able to realize anti-falling

4.IR remote control module making up a remote control system of the car

5.Using ultrasonic module to realize obstacle avoidance

6.Pairing mobile phone Bluetooth with Bluetooth remote control module to control the car

7.Able to connect with external voltage at 7~12V,and equip with various sensors to complete different functions as much as possible

Project List

Project 1:Line Tracking Sensor

Project 2:Ultrasonic Sensor

Project 3: Digital IR Receiver Module 

Project 4: Servo Motor

Project 5: Bluetooth Module

Project 6: L298N Motor Driver

Project 7: I2C 1602 LCD

Project 8:Line Tracking of Smart Car

Project 9:Obstacle Avoidance of Smart Car

Project 10:IR Remote Control of Smart Car

Project 11:Distance Detecting of Smart Car

Project 12:Bluetooth Remote Control of Smart Car

Project 13:5 in 1 Multi-functional Car

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