mBot Bracket Pack

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What is mBot Bracket Pack?

mBot Bracket Pack walks you through building more complicated projects based on mBot. This pack includes frequently-used brackets, plates, screws, to expand the mechanical structure of your mBot.

This product has been discontinued and replaced by mBot Add-on Pack-Six-legged Robot

Devoted to Bring Fun

Want to build a more complicated structure on your mBot? Your need can be fulfilled by using this bracket kit. Easy-to-assemble brackets and plates in this bracket will help you build a bigger and cooler mBot just by tightening the screws.

  What You Can Do after Expanding mBot's Mechanical Structure?   1. More Sensors, More Functionalities

With brackets and plates set on, the upgraded mBot will realize more functions by adding various sensors. For instance, you can add an ultrasonic sensor to get an enhanced distance-measurement and obstacle-avoidance ability from mBot.

2. Splendid Light Effect

Me RGB LED and LED RGB Strip can be added on your mBot if you already used this pack to upgrade your mBot. Walking in the dark, your mbot will be able to show amazing light effect.

     3. Infinite Fun in Games

Imagine controlling your mBot to fight in a balloon game. This pack will help you build a basic structure to hold your balloons firmly. Now use app on your phone/tablets to start having fun in a balloon fight

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