mBot&mBot Ranger Perception Gizmos Add-on Pack

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• What is mBot&mBot Ranger Perception Gizmos Add-on Pack?

This product is an expansion pack for mBot and mBot Ranger that can be assembled into a robot . The expansion pack offers 5 mBot expansion case and 2 mBot Ranger expansion case. In addition, users can also play their own creativity to build other cases.




 The official offers 5 mBot cases, 2 Ranger cases.

 Contains 5 kinds of electronic modules.

• Small invention expansion package series.



 Makeblock (Mobile):

A standard app for controlling and programming Makeblock robots.



 mBlock Blocky (Mobile):

Game-based programming software for STEAM education



 mBlock 5 (PC):

A powerful platform for coding designed for STEAM education











Packing Method


mBot&mBot Ranger Perception Gizmos Add-on Pack


Box Packing


Product Information


Package Information




G.W:0.35kg, DIM(L.D.H):20.9*15.4*5.4cm


Carton Information


20pcs/ctn, G.W:8.3kg, DIM (L.D.H):59*25*37 cm



Part list


1× Temperature and Humidity Sensor


16 x M4*8 Screw


1 x LED Matrix 8*16


1 x 130 Motor Pack


4 x M4*25 Brass Stud


2 x Plate 45°


1 x Sound Sensor


20 x M4 Nut


1 x Potentiometer


2 x Brakcet 3*3


20 x M4*14 Screw


4× RJ25 cable-20cm


2 x Beam 0808-072


4 x M4*22 Screw


1 x Wrench M5+M7


2 x Slide Beam 0824-096


10 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*3

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