Me 2H Microstep Driver

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Makeblock 2H Microstep Driver is a type of 2-phase hybrid stepper motor driver. It is designed for driving 2-phase hybrid stepper motor of all kinds with 20mm to 42mm outside diameter and less than 2.0A phase current. 




 Average current control, 2-phase sinusoidal output current drive.

 Supply voltage from 12VDC to 36VDC.

 High holding torque at high speed.

 Easy to install on Makeblock parts.

 Opto-isolated signal I/O.

 Overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrect, phase short circuit protection.

 8 subdivision option: 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128.

 8 channels output phase current setting.

 Offline command input terminal.

 8 subdivision option: 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128.

 Electrical input signal is TTL compatible.

 Low noise and vibration.

 Low noise and vibration.

 Motor torque is related to speed, but not related to step/revolution.

• High start speed.








Me 2H Microstep Driver V1


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12pcs/ctn, G.W:2.02kg, DIM (L.D.H):30*21*12 cm







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1 × 2H Microstep Driver V1 



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