Medium Beam 0824 Robot Pack-Blue

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Short Beam 0824 Robot Pack-Blue عبارة عن جزء ميكانيكي مستخدم بشكل متكرر من منصة Makeblock , وأيضًا يتوافق مع معظم مكونات Makeblock الميكانيكية. هناك العديد من فتحات التثبيت وفتحة ملولبة على مستوى هذا الشعاع والتي تسمح لك بالتجميع على الهياكل الأخرى بسهولة.



Short Beam 0824 Robot Pack-Blue is a frequently-used mechanical part of Makeblock platform,and also compatibles with most Makeblock mechanical components. There are various mounting holes and a threaded slot on the plane of this beam which allow you to assemble on other structures easily.




  Made from heavy-duty 6061 aluminum extrusion and has a nice appearance. 

 With holes on 16mm increments,and M4 threaded holes on both ends.

 High wear resistance, strong rigidity and high intensity.








Medium Beam 0824 Robot Pack-Blue


Packing Method


Bag Packing


Product Information




Package Information


G.W:0.28kg, DIM (L.D.H):18*25 cm


Carton Information


10pcs/ctn, G.W:2.19kg, DIM (L.D.H):30*21*12 cm







Part list


2 x Beam0824-144


2 x Beam0824-192


2 x Beam0824-176


2 x Beam0824-160

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