Robot Gripper

١٣٢٫٢٥ ر.س السعر شامل الضريبه

Robot Gripper عبارة عن مجموعة روبوتات بسيطة ومتينة وهي رائعة "للتحكم" في أي مشروع روبوتات تقريبًا.



Robot Gripper is a simple and durable robotics kit that is great for "getting a grip" on pretty much any robotics project.




 Large Open-Width

The Robot Gripper is capable of opening an impressive 3" (67mm) wide. It enables you to grip items of various sizes according to your needs.

 Self-locking & Anti-Slippery

The self-locking function of fingers, together with the anti-slippery material added on the inner side of two fingers, protect objects it grips from falling off.

 Lightweight PVC Material

The gripper itself is made of light-weight PVC material, while remaining heavy-duty to grip items up to 1.5KG as you want.

• Self-Protection Design

Thanks to the built-in fuse, the inner N20 screw motor of the gripper will automatically stop running when the gripper is fully open or closed. This protects the screw motor from short-circuits and over-current, ensuring long-time use of the gripper.








Robot Gripper-Black


Packing Method


Bag Packing


Product Information


N.W:0.06kg,DIM (L.D.H):11.2*13*1.8 cm


Package Information


G.W:0.11kg, DIM (L.D.H):11*16 cm


Carton Information


8pcs/ctn, G.W:1.17kg, DIM (L.D.H):30*21*12 cm









Operating current










Part list


1 × PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable - 35cm,22AWG (Pair)


2 ×Flux RH7.8*12.7*4.5mm


1 × Motor Cable Jeck plug



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